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About Eillen

Eillen SellamI am a people person and I value communication in all its forms: giving speeches, training people, and working with media to ensure the promotion of the organisation I am working with. I often had a key role in bringing people together and creating an atmosphere where each person felt heard and respected. This talent was there from the beginning for me, even in my school days!

After working as a coordinator and facilitator for 6 years in Toronto, I was promoted to Acting Director at COPA (Centre ontarien de prevention des aggressions — Ontario Center for Prevention of Aggression) — a government-founded non-profit organisation working on violence prevention for children and adults all over the province of Ontario.

When I became director COPA was on the edge of bankruptcy and most of the employees had been laid off. Thanks to my enthusiasm and my belief in making things happen, within a year I had led COPA back to become a thriving organization with a 50% growth in funding and I had been able to hire many wonderful new team members.

With high motivation, I can set up and ensure completion of all the components of a project, from grant writing to report submission and adhering to budget deadlines. Being part of a team of creating educational resources and training for youth and adults has been a real delight as CREATIVITY brings me joy. I am eager to find ways to be creative in the way I work and I am highly motivated by innovation and working outside the box!

Creating a well-being approach and atmosphere while working with my team matters a lot to me.

I am highly interested by any project which aims to make higher quality in people's lives! Education and Prevention are my keywords — especially for those groups of people who are more vulnerable and often left aside by our society. Education in health and well-being is at the core of my work experience.

I have worked in English or French facilitating in different countries such as France, Canada, Norway, Sweden, England and Spain for over 20 years.

If you have a project I can help with, please get in touch!

Call or text me on 437.775.0828, , or visit me on LinkedIn.